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Sieda, a widow in her late seventies of Belarusian descent, is diagnosed with a heart disease and forced to move in with her daughter Hannah and grandson Benjamin. Sieda, who is proud of her sharp mind and wicked sense of humour, believes herself to be perfectly capable of handling her own affairs and stubbornly refuses all help. On any occasion, she escapes from her new home and takes refuge at the village cemetery where her late husband is buried. 
There, she basks in her newly found freedom, doing whatever she likes, such as sipping vodka, rearranging other people’s graves, squabbling with the caretaker and feeding her medication to the pigeons. One day she meets Patrick, a charming and mischievous widower, whose wife is buried in the same cemetery. After initially resisting his attempts to get close, they fall in love and begin to enjoy every day as if it was their last.

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